Paint Protection

Paint Protection Ceramic or Glass Coatings

Nanolex Si3D Ultra Paint Protection is complete protection for your cars paint coatings.

Nanolex Si3D BC “base coat” is a semi-hydrophobic coating that has all the benefits of today’s paint coatings, but with extra durability, hardness and is perfect for multilayer coatings for a phenomenal finish. The adhesion of Si3D BC is even stronger allowing durability of a minimum of 3 to 5 years and longer following the aftercare procedures. Nanolex Ultra offers further resistance to against abrasion caused during the wash process and is almost unaffected by most heavy chemical cleaners and alkaline washes, thus protecting your paint and new car shine for longer. Si3D coating is unlike traditional protective coatings such as carnauba waxes and other polymer coatings that decrease in protection over a short time. The benefit of Ultra is its durable long-lasting layers that help repel dirt, grime, dust and water making it difficult for contaminates to bond to the surface.

Based on its unique technology, Nanolex offer a range of products specifically developed and designed to fulfil the highest demands and needs of customers. The Nanolex Si3D molecules – precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials – consist of silica, nitrogen, hydrogen and organic compounds such as carbon. These high-performance polymers are all solvent and fluorine free. The additionally implemented thermoplastic component forms an incredibly hydrophobic, flexible, cross-linked matrix to give outstanding hardness and durability. Nanolex Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which intern provides excellent corrosion protection with easy to clean properties. Nanolex Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint up to 9H+, adding a clear coat with a colour darkening effect to the treated surface. Depending on the number of applied layers on Nanolex Si3D, the thickness of the coat can vary.

Paint Protection
car paint protection
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Nanolex Si3D Protection from $499.00
Nanolex Ultra Si3D Protection from $799.00

The benefits of a Nanolex coating are simple

  • Enhanced resistance against acid rain, insect splatter and bird droppings
  • Increased UV protection against fading and aging
  • Easy to clean and superior water repellence
  • Added resilience against light scratches and marring
  • Cleaner Faster Longer
  • Made in Germany