Other Services

Interior and Boot Deodorise

Sometimes the interior of cars can emit an odour or smell that just can’t be eliminated no matter what you do or try. HASS can provide a series of measures designed to eliminate these through an interior sanitiser process.

  • Install a Sanitiser Unit (It removes 98% of moulds, fungal spores, bacteria and mildew.)
  • Interior and Boot Vacuum
  • Dash, Console and Door Trim Wipe and Deodorise with automotive antibacterial treatment
  • Suitable for Commercial or Private Vehicle Use

From $33.00 including GST

Windows Cleaned and Dressed

  • Windows Cleaned and Treated including Windscreen Treatment and Washer Bottle Additive

From $18.00 including GST

Wheel Damage and Gutter Rash Repairs

No two wheel repairs are the same and a replacement genuine alloy wheel can cost from $200 to over $2000 depending on make, model and tyre size. We can repair almost any wheel to new specification.

Start at $125.00 per wheel including GST - all wheels will be quoted upon inspection

  • Before-Wheel Rim Repair
    After-Wheel Rim Repair
    Before Wheel Rim Repair After

Paintless Dent Removal

Not all dents are the same however most can be removed through our paintless dent removal process. However sometimes if a dent is located in an awkward place or access is difficult or in the event it is on a crease then paintless is not always an option. But in most simple cases we can usually remove the dent and it will not be evident that it previously existed.

Starts at $115.00 including GST - all dent repairs will be quoted upon inspection

Mechanical & Safety Health Check

Mechanical safety health check for peace of mind when selling your car or whenever HASS are on site to detail your vehicle. The HASS safety check takes about 30 minutes and gives the driver complete piece of mind between services.

  • Tyre Condition and Pressure Check to Manufacturer’s Specification’s.
  • Check Wheel Nut Tension.
  • Full Fluid Check including Oils, Steering, Cooling and Windscreen.
  • Battery Check.
  • Engine bay review including all belts and hoses.
  • Visual Underbody Review including Exhaust and Suspension Condition.

Start at $44.00 including GST