Gold Interior Detail

Suitable for the car enthusiast or those that want to protect a valuable asset. This interior detail is designed to make you feel like your car is brand new again. The interior surfaces are subjected to a range of rigorous cleaning regimes. This process is not recommended for all interior surfaces and alternative processes and applications will be applied to different vehicles and interior cloths, fabrics, leathers, vinyls and plastics depending on their quality and condition.

  • Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down
  • Boot Vacuum
  • Shampoo Cloth Seats
  • Leather Seats Conditioned
  • Console, Dash, Door Trims and all Plastic,Vinyl areas dressed and treated with UV protectant treatment
  • Door Jams Wiped & Dressed
  • Windows Cleaned & Treated including Windscreen Treatment

Pre-Sale Gold Interior Detail Start at $165.00 including GST

(@ Our place or yours)

Please note whilst all care is taken in some cases we are unable to guarantee the removal of all marks, scratches and stains. Some interiors have endured excess exposure to various conditions and environments or previous attempts to clean with substandard quality or chemical concentrates used to facilitate cleaning and this can affect the final result. Possible issues are always discussed in advance of HASS commencing our services!

Other Services Provided Include:

  • Wheel Damage and Gutter Rash Repairs
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Mechanical & Safety Health Check
  • Interior and Boot Deodorise
  • Windows cleaned and dressed
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  • Before-Wheel Rim Repair
    After-Wheel Rim Repair
    Before Wheel Rim Repair After