Automotive Storage & Management

Automotive Storage

More cars than garage spaces? Need your car managed and maintained at your weekend house? Going away for an extended period?

HASS Highlands Automotive Stables & Spa provide discrete professional secure storage for Vintage, Veteran, Classic, Exotic and Muscle Cars in the Southern Highlands. The HASS garaging automotive management storage services are delivered through a discrete private property secure automotive management system.

HASS provides a safe secure environment for both long and short term vehicle storage and stays. HASS are fully insured with 24 hour back to base security monitoring and state of the art video surveillance.

Vehicles at our facility can be stored or fully managed by our staff and contractors and placed on maintenance schedules for cosmetic and mechanical services, allowing HASS to take care of all vehicle maintenance and cleaning requirements. Our maintenance programs are individually customised to meet each individual client and or vehicle.

It is the mission of HASS to provide a unique bespoke vehicle storage, maintenance and cleaning management system.

It is our priority at HASS to provide owners with vehicles in our care to be roadworthy at all times, ready to drive at an agreed time and always running and looking their best.